Left in Government – Why, What and How?


20 + 21 March: Amphitheatro 9.84, Pireos 100, Gazi
22 March: Theatro Akropol; Ippokratous 9; Athina 106 79


The conference is open to the public.
There will be simultaneous translation.

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, with it’s Brussels and Athens Offices, is organizing an international conference in co-operation with the Nicos Poulantzas Institute and transform!europe, taking place from 20 – 22 March in Athens.


With politicians and academics from Greece, Iceland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Argentina, Canada, Norway, Ecuador and other countries, we will analyze the necessity and significance of left governments. Bringing their international experience, they will discuss and give answers to questions such as:

    • Why is it so critical to have left governments in Greece, Europe and the whole world?
    • What are lessons learned from the experience around the world?
    • What are the concepts, the program and the visions of a Left government?


Discussion 1: Left government and democracy: the necessary breakthrough – with whom and how?
(Thursday, 20 March, 18:30, Auditorium “9.84”, Pireos 100, Gazi)

• Yannis Dragasakis, Greece – SYRIZA MP
• Makis Kouselis, Greece – Professor for Political Science, University of Athens
• Leo Panitch, Canada – Research Professor for Political Science, York University
• Anej Korsika, Slovenia – Initiative for Democratic Socialism

Moderation: Walter Baier, Austria – Coordinator of transform!europe

Discussion 2: Productive transformation, new social subjects
(Friday, 21 March, 10:00, Auditorium “9.84”, Pireos 100, Gazi)

• Alekos Kalyvis, Greece – Member of SYRIZA Central Committee
• Yannis Eustathopoulos, Greece – Economist-Researcher
• Gabriel Colletis, France – Professor for Economics, University of Toulouse 1
• Harald Wolf, Germany – Die Linke, Senator for Finance, Technology and Women in the Local Government of Berlin, 2002-2011
• Daniel Chaves, Uruguay – Fellow of the Transnational Institute, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at the International Business School, Amsterdam

Moderation: Haris Konstantatos, Greece – Political Scientist, Member of the Editorial Group of “Oikotrives” Magazine

Discussion 3: Administration, decentralization, local politics
(Friday, 21 March, 14:00, Auditorium “9.84”, Pireos 100, Gazi)

• Rena Dourou, Greece – SYRIZA MP
• Gabriel Sakellaridis, Greece – Economist, Member of SYRIZA Central Committee
• Kerstin Kaiser, Germany – Die Linke, Member of the Brandenburg Parliament
• Thodoris Dritsas, Greece – SYRIZA MP
• Álfheiður Ingadóttir, Iceland – Former Health Minister, Chairwoman for the Left Green Group in the Nordic Council

Moderation: Michalis Spourdalakis, Greece – Professor for Political Science, University of Athens

Discussion 4:Looking to the future: education and culture
(Friday, 21 March, 18:00, Auditorium “9.84”, Pireos 100, Gazi)

• Michel Duffour, France – Member of Parti communiste français
• Björg Eva Erlendsdóttir, Iceland – Coordinator of the Nordic-Green-Left-Alliance
• Antonis Liakos, Greece – Professor for History, University of Athens
• Theano Fotiou, Greece – SYRIZA MP

Moderation: Aristeides Baltas, Greece – Chairman of the Nicos Poulantzas Institute, Professor emeritus, National Technical University of Athens

Discussion 5: Towards a new economic model in times of capitalistic crisis
(Saturday, 22 March, 11:00, “Akropol” Theatre, Ippokratous 9-11)

• Yiorgos Stathakis, Greece – SYRIZA MP
• Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, Iceland – MP and former Chairman of the Left Green Movement, Minister of Finance 2009-2013
• Alan B. Cibils, Argentina – Professor for Political Economy, National University General Sarmiento
• Luka Mesec, Slovenia – Coordinator of the Initiative for Democratic Socialism
• Alberto Acosta, Ecuador – former Minister for Energy and Mining, former President of the Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly

Moderation: Elena Papadopoulou, Greece – Economist, Scientific Advisor to SYRIZA Parliamentary Group

Discussion 6: A left government in today’s Europe
(Saturday, 22 March, 18:00, “Akropol” Theatre, Ippokratous 9-11)

• Alexis Tsipras, Greece – Chairman of SYRIZA Parlamentary Group
• Liêm Hoang-Ngoc, France – Member of the European Parliament
• Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, Iceland – MP and former Chairman of the Left Green Movement, Minister of Finance 2009-2013

Moderation: Klaus Sühl, Germany – Head of RLS Brussels Office