A World to Win — Class War or Degrowth


The Workers Museum
Rømersgade 22
1362 Copenhagen

Transform!Danmark and Global Action are organising this hybrid conference in Copenhagen to show the broad spectrum of the degrowth movement and explore how we can maintain a class struggle approach in the fight against capitalism.


Over the last years, discussions around degrowth have gained traction among both climate activists and scientists. The questioning of capitalism’s eternal growth paradigm has added a new systemic critique the left wing. But the question is whether this approach overlooks the original class war of the left? This is the key question the conference will try and shed light on. Because we all agree that there is a world to win.


  • Max Ajl
  • Matt Huber
  • Timothee Parrique
  • Birgitte Diget
  • Bolette Jørgensen


Watch the recording from the Conference here: