Equity & Social Justice in a Digital World

Join us as we explore fresh perspectives from Roland Kulke on Equity and social justice in a digital world. Watch the video session of his thought-provoking contribution on the dynamic interplay between technological progress and social justice, presented at the Freedom Fest 2023 Forum on Knowledge, Innovation and Technology held in Kerala, India.

he Freedom Fest 2023, occurred from August 12th to 15th in Thiruvananthapuram and was organised by the left-wing government of the Indian state of Kerala. Chaired by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)), which also heads the government, the conference focused on issues of inclusiveness and access to the knowledge society.

Bringing together a diverse spectrum of academics, practitioners, stakeholders, and students from Kerala, the  event focused its discussions on exploring how a left-leaning state government, even in the face of opposition from the Hindu nationalist government in Delhi, can navigate the complexities of existing capitalism and move Kerala towards a knowledge-based society that truly serves its people.

A central question that echoed throughout the conference was: How to ensure universal access for all citizens while fostering breakthrough advances in technology? This paradoxical challenge was the focus of several sessions and dialogues.

The active participation of thousands of students who attended the conference was remarkable. Additionally, an accompanying exhibition provided a platform for both students and public institutions to showcase their research in the field of digital technologies.

The event provided a forum where ideas and aspirations converged, shedding light on the intricate interplay between politics, technology, and social progress.

Among the speakers was also Roland Kulke, facilitator of transform! europe’s Productive Transformation Working Group. Watch here his keynote session, entitled “Equity & Social Justice in a Digital World”: