In Solidarity with Boris Kagarlitsky

Photo of Boris Kagarlitsky by Union of Marxists (Russia)

Left-wing theorician Boris Kagarlitsky has been arrested in Russia on Tuesday on a charge of “justifying terrorism” based on his discussion about the motivations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Crimean Bridge explosion. We at transform! europe call for his immediate release. Read below the appeal by Rabkor to free Boris.

Boris Kagarlitsky is an internationally renowned Russian intellectual and activist, former Soviet dissident and a contemporary analyst, activist, and author. He runs the online magazine which gathers left-wing and pro-democratic voices. His books include Empire of the Periphery: Russia and the World System (2008), The Revolt of the Middle Class (2006), From Empires to Imperialism (2014), Between Class and Discourse (2021).

Union of Marxists (Russia) tells the story of Kagarlitsky’s trial and emprisonment: “On July 25, 2023, it was revealed that the FSB instigated criminal charges against Boris under one of the new repressive articles – “justification of terrorism.” The reason was an old post in which he indicated that the Crimea Bridge explosion could be understood “from a military perspective.” Taking advantage of this absurd pretext, Boris was swiftly taken 1000 km away from Moscow and put on trial in a small regional town, in a closed session without media or legal representation. The Syktyvkar City Court ordered the detention of sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky until September 24. The hearing was held in closed session. Kagarlitsky will be held in custody at the Verkhniy Chov detention center. Now, the elderly left-wing thinker faces up to 7 years in prison, and searches are being conducted at the premises of his associates.”

► We republish below the appeal by Rabkor to free Boris Kagarlitsky, standing in complete solidarity with it (Rabkor’s Telegram account on 26 July).

► Please also consider reading the EL press release (by the party of the European Left) and the one by the TNI (Transnational Institute).

Rabkor Editorial Office Appeal

As many of you already know, Boris Kagarlitsky is facing severe criminal charges – justification of terrorism. The Editorial Office of Rabkor appeals to a broader public and expresses solidarity with our chief editor and all our comrades who are undergoing investigation procedures such as searches and interrogations:

  • Alexandr Archagov (currently free on bail)
  • Artem, editor of our Telegram channel and VK group (currently free on bail)
  • Valeriy, Rabkor video studio worker (current whereabouts unknown)

We also express our support and solidarity to all the relatives and loved ones of Boris.

Boris is not only a well-known left-wing intellectual and scientist worldwide, but also a Marxist who has honed his knowledge on the fields of the class war. He was a left dissident in Soviet Russia and now faces the possibility of becoming a prisoner of the state in Putin’s Russia. He is a vital part of the international socialist movement, having nurtured several generations of Marxists and remaining steadfastly dedicated to his principles.

It is unthinkable to imagine Kagarlitsky being sentenced and imprisoned. In 2023, political activity seems to be treated as a crime. We strongly object to his detention.

Regarding Rabkor, we will continue to operate as a media outlet. Rabkor is more than just Boris; it comprises a team of editors, administrators, a YouTube channel with hosts and a tech team. Our main objective is to uphold Rabkor’s integrity and make it a central element in the international struggle for the freedom of Boris Kagarlitsky.

We call upon all left socialist movements to show solidarity and propose covering this situation through all available media channels.

Our strength is in solidarity!
Freedom to Boris Kagarlitsky!
Freedom to all prisoners of the state!


This is a republication of Rabkor’s call to solidarity with Boris Kagarlitsk (July 26, 11:54, still available July 27, 5:55 CET). Please find the original here: (possible updates)