Cooperation between Socialists and European Left in Hungary

The Hungarian member of the Party of the European Left, the Workers‘ Party 2006 is not running for EP elections this time. Instead they call to vote for the Socialist party (S&D) which is projected to gain 11% and 3 seats. Read here the cooperation agreement on the election campaign between the two parties with a focus on energy strategy.

“The signatory parties, namely the Hungarian Socialist Party and the Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006–European Left are interested in increasing the number of mandates of the parties in the European Parliament that undertake to exercise the democratic fundamental rights.

We are facing a crucial period for the Hungarian society. One of the most important challenges for the European political life is to elaborate a democratic and left-wing alternative to the authoritarian regimes. In the new European Parliament, decisions will be made that link the issue of the rule of law and the distribution of the European financial resources, so it is very important that as many democratic Hungarian MEPs as possible have a meaningful influence on this process.

The common goal of our parties is, moreover, to overcome the neo-liberal policies and to find solutions based on solidarity, fairer distribution of burdens, full equality, and the foundation of sustainable development. We want social guarantees available all over Europe, stronger trade unions, decent wages and pensions, equal rights for women, independent and justful courts, objective information, high quality, free education, a healthcare system healing also the poor, clean water, air and energy. Everyone has the right to life, so access to housing and heating is a fundamental right. Our goal is to eliminate energy poverty across the EU. We want to ensure that nowhere in the countries of Europe no citizen can be deprived of basic democratic and social rights.

It is our common goal to have an energy strategy that matches the opportunities of the Hungarian economy and to be able to act effectively against the corruption pervading the whole society by joining the European Prosecutor’s Office. Based on the above principles and objectives, we will act together in the campaign before the election of the Members of the European Parliament and the elected MEPs will promote the cooperation of the Socialist, the European left and Green factions to achieve our above mentioned goals and proposals. We are striving to achieve meaningful results even in the short term with concrete initiatives to help catching up the social groups that are lagging behind and with the mobilization of EU funds to realize projects circumventing the present dictatorial Hungarian government.

For the sake of the success of this co-operation agreement, the Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006–European Left does not set an own independent election list and its organisations will support the list of the Hungarian Socialist Party and mobilize to vote for this list.”

April 7, 2019
Bertalan Tóth, Chairman Socialist Party
Attila Vajnai, Chairman Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006-European Left

Translated by Matyas Benyik

Cover image: Attila Vajnaj, chairman of Workers’ Party 2006 (second from left) and Tibor Szanyi, MEP of Socialist Party (right). Source: Attila Vajnaj