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Newsletter March/2024


Dear readers,

In March, hundreds of thousands of women and girls took to the streets to raise their voices for equality and democracy. 

In this newsletter you will find a selection of articles by women writers from across Europe. They address issues such as the threats of neoliberalism, militarisation, and masculinism, and their role in reinforcing traditional gender norms. You will also find an article on the unfinished feminist revolutions, which explores the challenges facing the international feminist movement and the intersectionality of feminism with class struggle. Included in this edition is also a comment calling for a fairer division of labour and the need for a universal basic income to promote gender equality. In addition, an interview with French sociologist Estelle Delaine, conducted by one of our team members, provides insights into the rise of the far right in European politics. Finally, an article on the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution and the Portuguese general elections in March, written by another member of our team, provides a critical analysis of recent political shifts in Portugal.

As always, our newsletter provides links to our latest publications and details of current events organised by transform! europe and our network.

We hope that this issue will stimulate thought-provoking discussions and promote a deeper understanding of the challenges facing women today.

Warm regards,
Štefica Gazibara, Web Editor for transform! europe


The Patriarchy Is Gearing up for Battle

Brothers in arms: neoliberalism, militarisation, and masculinism are driving a return to traditional gender roles. 
Neoliberalism, current political orientations based on the friend–enemy distinction, and militarisation are deeply intertwined in material, ideological, and emotional terms – and, ostensibly, they drive the resurgence of traditional gender relations as a supposedly unintended consequence. [read more…]


Unfinished Feminist Revolutions

The following article is a monthly editorial by Nos Révolutions, independent activist media based in Paris, France. It describes the reality that feminists are currently experiencing a period of decline. Despite significant ideological victories in recent decades, these struggles have not had as much sway on the political agenda since the COVID-19 crisis, as evidenced by the dwindling participation in 8 March demonstrations worldwide. [read more…]


Unconditional Income for Unconditional Work

Demands for a more Gender-equitable division of labour and a universal basic income (UBI) are steps in the right direction, but more is needed in terms of gender equality. “Unconditionality is inscribed in this system: care workers must put their own needs aside, and they are also prevented from demanding improved working conditions, income, appreciation, recognition, and fairer distribution.” [read more…]


Researcher Estelle Delaine on the Far right at the European Parliament

French academic Estelle Delaine analyses the presence, role and strategy of far-right parties at the European Parliament since 1979 in the perspective of the coming election. The interview with E. Delaine was conducted by Anaïs Fley, transform! europe coordinator of the working group on the radical, extreme and populist right. [read more…]


On the 50th Anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, Portugal’s Political Landscape Veers Right

The political earthquake – or, how an absolute majority can be a source of instability.
These elections show us that, as of today, it is this new-extreme right that is occupying the void created by the neoliberal and austerity policies of recent decades into which the mass of disinherited people have been thrown. [read more…]


Recent Publications

Coalition of Labour II – The Workers´ Voices

This publication continues last year’s project to shed light on living and working conditions in Europe. We did this by collecting the experiences and direct testimonies of those concerned, with the intention of giving a platform to those most affected by the issues highlighted in this publication. To this end, we set up “focus groups”, i.e. collective or individual interviews of homogeneous groups, in order to examine in more detail different areas of work and their specific realities. [read more…]



Online Event
The Far Right in Europe — Current Situation and Outlook

Far-right parties are gaining power in most European countries and the extreme right can no longer be seen as a marginal or marginalised force. The Gabriel Péri Foundation, an observer organisation of transform! europe, is hosting three round tables to better understand the reasons for this dynamic and the political conditions under which it is taking place. Part II will take place on Friday 22 March. [read more…]


Online Event
Local vs. National/EU-level – On Which Level of Society Is Democratic Economic Planning Possible and Needed?

Online-Event Part II in Preparation of ESCA (European Common Space for Alternatives) Marseille, 26-28 April 2024.
Speakers: Alexis Cukier, University of Poitiers, France; Nadia Garbellini, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy; Christoph Sorg, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.
Moderation: Claire Lejeune, researcher at the Institut La Boétie department, Paris. [read more…]


Lecture Series
Studies of Socialism 2024 – Course 1: Beyond Capital

The Centre for the Politics of Emancipation (CPE), an observer organisation within the transform! network, is hosting a new series of lectures running from March to July 2024 as part of the “Studies of Socialism” programme. The first course, Beyond Capital, starts on 30 March and will focus on basic theoretical concepts, understanding the contradictions of capitalism and the possibilities of its change. [read more…]


Meeting of European left forces
Europe for the People

In Brussels, on Thursday 4 April 2024, ‘Europe for the People’ will bring together European left forces for a free event. Co-organised by the European Left Party, PVDA-PTB, AKEL, and Levica, this event will prioritise the exchange of opinions and concrete experiences on crucial themes: Cost of living, Austerity, and Social and Economic Rights – Peace, Security, and International Law – A Socially Just Climate and Energy Transition. [read more…]


International Conference
The Far Right and the Assault on Democracy – 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution

transform! europe, Cultra/Abril Is Now, Civitas-Braga and the Braga Democrats’ Committee orgnise the International Conference “The Far Right and the Assault on Democracy – 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution”, with the participation of researchers from different backgrounds, on the 13th of April 2024 in Braga (Portugal). [read more…]