Newsletter December/2023


Dear readers,

This issue of our newsletter examines the ongoing shift to the right in European politics and takes a critical look at the recent parliamentary elections in and the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Poland, offering a nuanced analysis of the evolving political dynamics in these countries.

Our analysis also addresses the situation of the left in Slovenia, providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges facing progressive movements in the region. Additionally, we present a comprehensive commentary and report on the Party Congress of Die LINKE, highlighting the discussions, decisions, and wider implications for the political scene not only in Germany but also at the European level.

In the midst of these political analyses, we introduce a valuable addition to our publication series—the new eDossier entitled “Coalition of Labour.” This project aims to shed light on living and working conditions in Europe.

Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to our Call for Applications for a Research Study on the Financialisation of Long-term Care for Older People in the EU. In cooperation with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, we are looking for a researcher with an academic background in the social sciences and a specific focus on long-term care. Further information and contact details can be found here.

Additionally, we are excited to report that the 5th MarxFem Conference, one of the centrepiece projects of transform! and our network, recently took place in Warsaw. We invite you to browse through our impressions and reports and have a look at the first recordings of the inspiring sessions.

We wish you enlightening reading!
Štefica Gazibara, web editor for transform! europe


Landslide Victory for Radical Right Freedom Party (PVV)

Seismic shifts have taken place in Dutch politics following the general election on 22 November. An analysis of this complex landscape reveals a significant victory for the radical right, led by Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV), shaping the political direction and raising questions about the country’s future in the European Union. [read more…]


Analysis of the Results of the Luxembourg General Elections

On Sunday 8 October, voters in Luxembourg went to the polls to elect 60 members to the Chamber of Deputies. The previous three-party alliance of Liberals, Socialists and Greens lost its majority due to an unexpectedly large drop in votes for the Greens. Following the resignation of the previous government, the new government was formed five weeks after the elections under the leadership of future Prime Minister Luc Frieden. [read more…]


PiS Looks Set to Lose Power, as Support for the Polish Left Slumps

The Polish parliamentary elections, held on 15 October, have resulted in a temporary political stalemate, with no political party able to form a majority government. [read more…]


Long March Through The Left – Navigating Slovenia’s Political Landscape

For the past eighteen months, the Left (Levica) has been part of the government. This article examines the strategic implications of this tenure and looks at the formidable challenges they have faced during this period. [read more…]


“A Time for Justice and Staying the Course – a Time for Peace”

Over 440 congress delegates travelled to the LINKE party congress in Augsburg to discuss and approve the electoral programme for the 9 June 2024 European Parliament elections. All the delegates then voted in the representatives assembly – which, as electoral law stipulates, had to take place separately – for the list of candidates running in the 2024 European elections for Die LINKE. [read more…]


Impressions from the 5th Marxist-Feminist Conference, Warsaw 2023

From 16 to 18 November, Warsaw was the capital of world social and Marxist feminism: hundreds of women from all over the world gathered to discuss political theory and praxis, to exchange experiences, research results and free thoughts.  [read more…]


Study on Financialisation of Long-Term Elder Care in the EU: Current Trends and Counterstrategies

transform! europe, in collaboration with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, is launching a Call for tenders for a research study on the financialisation of long-term elder care. The aim of the study is not only to provide an outlook on the current situation in specific countries but also to offer perspectives on possible counterstrategies to the ongoing process of financialisation of long-term elder care. [read more…]


Recent Publications

Coalition of Labour II – The Workers´ Voices

This publication continues last year’s project to shed light on living and working conditions in Europe. We did this by collecting the experiences and direct testimonies of those concerned, with the intention of giving a platform to those most affected by the issues highlighted in this publication. To this end, we set up “focus groups”, i.e. collective or individual interviews of homogeneous groups, in order to examine in more detail different areas of work and their specific realities. [read more…]