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Newsletter April/2024


Dear readers,

In this issue of our newsletter, we present a diverse selection of articles related to the upcoming European elections.

From an urgent call for a socialist fight against climate injustice in Bulgaria to an examination of Italy’s ideological landscape under the government of Giorgia Meloni, our contributors delve into pressing issues that demand our attention.

We also shine a spotlight on Romania’s ecological vacuum and the absence of left progressive politics in the EU elections, highlighting crucial gaps in policy and advocacy. Finally, our examination of the rise of the far right in Europe’s institutions highlights the challenges posed by their growing influence.

In the midst of these discussions, we also reflect on the Baltic challenge and the complexities of the political balance of power ahead of the European elections. Through thought-provoking analysis and insightful commentary, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the forces at play in shaping our collective future.

As always, our newsletter provides links to our latest publications and details of upcoming events organised by transform! europe and our network. We invite you to engage with our platform, attend our events and join us in promoting meaningful dialogue and action.

We wish you a thought-provoking and stimulating read!

Warm regards,
Štefica Gazibara, Web Editor for transform! europe


Left Behind: Bulgaria in Need of a Socialist Struggle for the Climate

Cover Photo: Mark Dixon via Against the backdrop of the deepening social and climate crisis of the capitalist system, the weakness of the left becomes painfully evident in Bulgaria – and the need for a new course of action, more urgent than ever. [read more…]


Romania’s Ecological Vacuum and the Absence of Left Progressive Politics in the EU Elections

Romania’s political landscape lacks progressive left voices in the European elections, despite growing environmental concerns. Learn more about the country’s environmental challenges, political manoeuvring and the role of civil society’s uphill battle to challenge the status quo. [read more…]


The Ideological Landscape of Italy Under Giorgia Meloni’s Government

The government led by Giorgia Meloni has been in place since end of October 2022’s general elections which led to the victory of the right-wing coalition and the transformation of Brothers of Italy into the leading Italian party. [read more…]


The Far Right Has Found Its Place in Europe’s Institutions

With ex-Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri running for the Rassemblement National in the EU elections, boundaries between mainstream institutional politics and the far right seem ever more blurred. [read more…]


All in the Name of War: The Baltic Challenge

In the midst of complex historical and political landscape, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are forging their independent paths under the shadow of war which hangs over the region. [read more…]


The Political Balance of Power and the European Elections: Security or the Green Deal?

To understand the nature of the current balance of power in the run-up to the European elections, we cannot simply frame it as a choice between “security” and the “Green Deal.” What is needed is a comprehensive policy that balances both economic stability and environmental protection. It would mean creating a sustainable, integral concept for the future of Europe. [read more…]


Recent Publications

At the Heart of Fortress Europe II: The Politics of Fear

This study provides a broad mapping of Austrian-based actors, organisations, and multilateral cooperation involved in the pushbacks of people on the move. For their part, the Austrian-based actors are heavily involved in the border externalisation policies of the whole European Union. [read more…]


The Matrix: Is There A European Way To Cloud Computing?

The European Union has set itself the goal of achieving its own “digital sovereignty”. This is but one of several reasons why it is particularly interesting to study the ongoing attempt by European governments and the EU to regain an active role in the digital revolution and develop a new type of industrial policy. [read more…]


On the Financialisation of Elderly Care in Europe

The following article is based on the initial findings of the study on the financialisation of elderly care in six EU countries (Croatia, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden), commissioned by transform! europe. It is being conducted under the direction of Theo Bourgeon, University of Edinburgh, and will be published in the coming weeks. [read more…]



The European Common Space for Alternatives (ECSA)

The European Common Space for Alternatives is a process of convergence and debate in the European social movement committed to peace, social justice and solidarity. It brings together dozens of progressive European organisations, with the aim of sharing experience and promoting joint action. [read more…]


Dialogue for a Ceasefire and Sustainable Peace in the Near East

Auntie P (via Flick, CC-BY-NC-SA) This event offers a space for dialogue between representatives of religions, politicians, Christians, Jews and Muslims. Organisers: DIALOP transversal dialogue project, in collaboration with OneState Embassy / KPÖ Austria. [read more…]


(Online) Exhibition
“The Future Is Now” – Abril é Agora / April Is Now

The exhibition was put together by transform! europe and our member organisation cul:tra (Cultures of Labour and Socialism) as part of the Abril é Agora project. The exhibition shows the workers’ movement and the struggles that took place between April and September 1974 and the beginning of the Carnation Revolution. [read more…]