Against the War. The Other Agenda — Quistioni, 4th Edition

The 4th issue of the quarterly magazine of the Party of the European Left contains contributions on the topic of commitment to peace and disarmament as well as the fight against climate change and for a better world.

The magazine is titled Quistioni (referring to the way in which Antonio Gramsci indicated the matters, the problems), because in each monographic issue of the magazine we want to tackle a problem and contribute, in this way, to the building of a common alternative project at European level. 

It includes contributions from the member parties of the European Left, from intellectuals and movements.

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The magazine is also available in French and Spanish.

Table of Contents 


Heinz Bierbaum — The War and the Other Agenda
Paolo Ferrero — The crisis of globalization: Putin’s regional war and Biden’s world war


Riccardo Petrella and the Other Agenda Promotion Group — The Other Agenda. Knowledge. At the heart of power, inequality and injustice
Leonardo Boff — Another (world) agenda: free life or another civilizational paradigm?
João Caraça — Five steps of the metamorphosis of the modern world-system
Marga Ferré — Another agenda for hope in a dystopian world
Cornelia Hildebrandt — Four central tasks of European political foundations in times of war and crises
Luis Infanti de la Mora — Even from the black clouds, clean and abundant rain falls
Roberto Mancini — The ethics of the Other Agenda: for a conversion of civilization


Leïla Chaibi — Platform work and the struggles of bicycle couriers. Possible solutions on a European scale
Attila Antal interviews Tamás Krausz — Barbarism is not the worst case. When there is no left alternative, social resistance rallies behind the far right

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