Why I am supporting “Left-Together” (Lewica-Razem) and the GUE/NGL in the elections to the European parliament.

Anna Grodzka speaks to transform!europe on the left candidacy “Lewica-Razem” in Poland!

Anna Grodzka

For many years, the Polish right-wing (the Law and Justice Party, Citizens’ Platform and their various emanations) have been spreading fear and hatred in Poland. They have been doing this in order to stay in power. As a result people have either voted negatively, against the lesser evil, or have remained angry and disillusioned and not voted. People have been caught within this Polish-Polish war, which is based upon the principle of divide and rule and is all about power.

Because of this many have turned away from politics, as it does not effect their everyday lives. However, politics is not only a struggle for power, but rather is primarily about solving real problems and regulating social relations. However, people want politics to deal with common interests within a well-functioning state. They want to elect people that will make rational decisions in their interests. However, this is not possible in the current conditions of an internal destructive and mindless war.

Such politics is not possible if two essentially similar political blocs are fighting for power. A politics that is close to authoritarianism, neo-fascism, populist Conservativism and nationalism does not serve the people well. We also reject predatory capitalism – a type of politics that cares more about the interests of the world of finance and corporations than about ordinary people.

The duopoly of power is maintained through the conviction that a vote is wasted if it is not cast for one of the two main blocs. In this manner, the power of these two, more or less, conservative blocs is strengthened. Their power is based upon the divisions and fears that they have sowed within society. Now imagine if there were a third political force in Parliament, with a vision of a different kind of politics, carried out in the public interest. These two parties would be forced to deal with this new political force and would not be able to continue their internal struggle as they had before.

We need a left-wing political force, that will allow most citizens to stop voting for a lesser evil, and finally, with conviction, vote for a party that they believe in. It will allow us not to be forced to choose between Poland being in Europe or having a pro-worker social policy; or between having justice or a functioning economy. It will allow citizens to vote for a real democratic debate instead of this devastating war, for the implementation of full human rights (including social rights), and for raising the standard of living instead of increasing unjust social inequalities. Left-Together (Lewica-Razem) is such a political project that seeks to achieve this goal.

For these reasons I have decided to support the activities of Left-Together and stand as one of their candidates in Warsaw in the European elections. I also declare that if I become an MEP, I will join the European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE / NGL) in the European Parliament, which in my opinion best represents the values ​​and interests of European societies. An efficient and strong social Europe, integrated around the implementation of ​​human rights, is the common goal of myself and Left-Together.

Everything which I have done politically, after I stopped being an MP in 2015, have aimed at helping to create a strong left-wing political force in Parliament. I still hope that left-wing, progressive political groups in Poland will be able to create a common, electoral list. Unfortunately, so far, the new political party Spring (Wiosna) have rejected creating a left-wing electoral coalition and decided to start alone in the European elections. I am convinced that Spring be able to win some seats to the European Parliament. However, I believe that there is also a need for a strong pro-social left-wing bloc, which is why I am now supporting Left-Together. There is a chance for another kind of politics and the possibility to build a fairer Poland and Europe. I urge everyone in Poland to support Left-Together in the European elections.