CALL FOR TENDERS – Study on Financialisation of Long-Term Elder Care in the EU: Current Trends and Counterstrategies

transform! europe, in collaboration with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, is launching a call for tender for a research study on the financialisation of long-term elder care. The aim of the study is not only to provide an outlook on the current situation in specific countries but also to offer perspectives on possible counterstrategies to the ongoing process of financialisation of long-term elder care.

The Extreme Right in the Baltic States: Estonia

In 2019, an enormous surprise for many commentators was the electoral success of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE), which won third place in the voting with 17.8 percent of votes ahead of, among others, the ‘traditional’, more moderate right-wing party Isamaa (Homeland). What’s more, despite earlier announcements by other party politicians about a “sanitary