World War III is against Russia

Washington provokes Moscow in three fronts, fuels a potential nuclear conflict, and ignores the opinion of American society. All in the name of “democracy”?

It would appear that World War III is under preparation. A war unilaterally provoked by the USA with an active participation of the EU. Its main target is Russia and, indirectly, China. Ukraine is the excuse. In a rare moment of consensus between the two parties, the US Congress passed Resolution 758 on 4 December. This gives the President authority to; impose tougher sanction and isolation measures on Russia, provide Ukraine’s government with weapons and other assistance, and strengthen the USA’s military presence in Russia’s neighbouring countries. A number of components make up this increased provocation towards Russia which, together, amount to a second Cold War. Unlike the first Cold War, however, the possibility of an all-out war, and thus of a nuclear war, is assumed. A number of security agencies are already planning for the Day After a nuclear conflict.
The three elements that make up this western provocation are; sanctions to weaken Russia, the establishment of a satellite state in Kiev, and a propaganda war. Sanctions are well known, with the most insidious sanction being the reduction of oil prices which impacts Russia’s oil exports, one of the country’s most important sources of funding. This reduction will bring the additional benefit of creating serious difficulties for other countries regarded as hostile (Venezuela and Iran). This reduction is possible due to the pact between the USA and Saudi Arabia under which the USA protects the royal family (hated in the region) in exchange for the maintenance of the petrodollar economy (global oil transactions denominated in dollars). Without this economy, the dollar would collapse as an international reserve, and with it, the US economy, where the greatest and most clearly unpayable world debt is seen.
The second component is the total control of Ukraine’s government in order to transform the country into a satellite state. Robert Parry, a respected journalist (who exposed the Iran-Contra affair) informs that Ukraine’s new Minister of Finance, Natalie Jaresko, a US citizen, is a former US Department of State employee and obtained Ukrainian citizenship days before taking office. Up until now, she has been Chairwoman of a number of businesses financed by the US government which were created to take action in the Ukraine. The outburst this past February, “Fuck the EU”, by Victoria Nuland, USA’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, is now better understood. What she meant was; “Damn it! The Ukraine is ours. We paid for this”. The third component is a war of propaganda. Major media and its journalists are under pressure to diffuse everything that legitimizes the western provocation and to hide everything that questions it. These are the same journalists who, following the briefings in US embassies and in Washington, made the lie about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction their newspaper headlines. Now they are making the lie about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine their headlines. I ask the readers to imagine the media scandal that would occur if we found out that Syria’s president had just nominated an Iranian minister who had been given Syrian nationality only a few days beforehand. Or to compare the way in which the Kiev protests in February were reported with the protests in Hong Kong the past few weeks. Or even, I ask the readers to evaluate the emphasis given to Henry Kissinger’s declaration that provoking Russia is a temerity. Another great journalist, John Pilger, recently said that if journalists had been able to resist the propaganda war, it could have perhaps been possible to avoid the Iraq war which until late last week has killed 1,455,590 Iraqis and 4,801 American soldiers. How many Ukrainians will die in this war that is being prepared? And how many non-Ukrainians?
Are we in a democracy when 67% of American citizens are against providing the Ukraine with weapons and yet 98% of their representatives vote in favour of this? Are we in a democracy in Europe when a similar or greater discrepancy separates citizens from their governments and the EU Commission? Or are we in a democracy when the European Parliament gets on with its everyday life whilst Europe is preparing to become the next theatre of war and the Ukraine is preparing to become the next Libya?


Originally published in Portuguese here, in Spanish here