“We do not fit in eachothers Worlds!”

The Greek Statistic Office announces an official youth unemployment rate of 65% and 28% in general. The real percentages are much higher.

Half the MP’s of New Democracy are “struggling” to maintain the existing hard tax on real estate, even to the smallest house, in order “to avoid any new measures”.

ΙCAP announces that 500 Greek enterpriseshad annual profits of 10 billion euros. 10 billion euro profits, of what is supposed to be, for some, a non independent type of capitalism. Here is the so wished economic development. But, who gets advantage of it?

Employees in big companies are said that they have to work for 180 euros per month, with no insurance in order for the company to be antagonistic. For employers, for capitalists who seemed to have found the way to combine the slave owner of the 18th century American South with the Chinese capitalist of ’00s, who offer to the employees the “chance” to test their stamina, working 15 hours per day.

But on the other side, it is us, the widening working class. Our own world. And we will always be more. This is our strength. And for that, we will always be a danger to them. The danger of destabilization of a system that tries all the possible ways of worsening our position. A system that keeps repeating that “there is not enough space for everyone, here”!

And truly enough, there is not enough space.

Dignity can not fit in a world of despair
Authoritarianism does not fit in a world of democracy
Fascism does not fit in a world of solidarity
Self – centrism does not fit in a world of comradeship
Cruel employers do not fit in a world of their aroused workers

They do not fit here, in the world that we rebuild, with our own bare hands.

In the 6th of November

let us all be in the strike safeguarding
let us all be on the streets

Let us all be in the General Strike

Editorial of the Greek Left site www.barikat.gr (facebook page here)