Transform: Issue #6 | June 2019 | A Journal of the Radical Left

The latest issue of Transform is now available. It carries articles and contributions from the No Pasaran conference including:

  • The reactionary rebellion / Walter Baier
  • The new far-right and the authoritarian turn: Hungary at the semi-periphery of the capitalist world system / Tamás Krausz
  • What is the situation in Germany with the AfD? / Cornelia Hildebrandt
  • Progressive nationalism: combatting the far-right in thestruggle for national liberation / Paul Gavan
  • The populist far-right upsurge in Brazil: the desire forself-repression and the banalisation of evil / Matheus Lock
  • Brexit and the progress of Jeremy Corbyn / Michael Wongsam
  • Managerialism and the British state: marketisation, work intensification and resistance / Miguel Martinez Lucio
  • Slavoj Žižek and the ‘yellow vests’ / Boris Kagarlitsky
  • Fighting the far-right – the costs and benefits of hindsight / Sue Sparks