transform! goes Spanish

The transform! network maintains a multilingual and multimedia website which, from now on, will also be available in Spanish.

This website contains information about the activities of our network and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in. We publish a continuously growing number of reports, analyses, and discussion papers on: left strategies, the crisis and alternatives, right-wing extremism and populism, productive transformation, issues related to the process of European integration and much more.

Our Partners

The Spanish version of our website will be jointly realized with our members, the Europe of Citizens Foundation (Fundación por la Europa de los Ciudadanos – FEC) and the Foundation for Marxist Studies (Fundación de Investigaciones Marxistas – FIM). The responsible editor is José Luis Martinez.

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Our monthly newsletter – a free email service – is now also available in Spanish. If you would like to sign up to our newsletter, please visit our homepage and select your preferred language: English, French, German, Greek, or Spanish.

Simultaneous publishing in several languages

Expanding our audience and broadening the horizon of the experiences are not the only reasons why we publish in several languages. We see translation as a way to bridge the gap between political cultures that express themselves both in different languages and in the varied use of seemingly identical political concepts. This kind of political translation is of particular importance when set against the current historical backdrop of the Left in Europe, and it focuses on finding unity in diversity by combining different experiences, traditions, and cultures. It is at the heart of transform! europe’s work.

The transform! network

The transform! europe network was established in 2001 during the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre by a small group of intellectuals from six different European countries, representing left research institutions or journals, who wanted to coordinate their research and educational work. Today transform! consists of 27 member organizations and observers from 19 countries.