transform! europe’s Annual Members Meeting, 2017

The annual Members Meeting of our network took place from 18 to 19 September in the transform! europe headquarters in Vienna. During two full working days, representatives of our member organizations conveyed around the political agenda of 2018 and the prospects of transform! europe’s projects for the upcoming year.

Projects 2018

transform! Projects are designed and will be carried out in the frame of six thematic chapters:

1. European integration and left strategy
2. Global strategy and migration
3. Productive transformation
4. Commons
5. Youth & Culture
6. History

Modified “About us”-text

The Members Assembly unanimously approved a revision of the “About Us”-text of our organization. This revision is necessary to respond to the political developments of the last years, to safeguard our commitment to critical research on the European Union and Europe and to remain a space of free, unprejudiced and comradely political exchange. The finalized and revised “About us”-text will be communicated.  

New Members and Observers

The Members Assembly unanimously accepted the application for membership of Fundacja NAPRZOD – a Polish partner organization that had obtained observer status in the Network since September 2016.

We are all very happy to announce that three further organizations were granted observer status unanimously by the assembly including Iratzar Fundazioa from the Basque country, Transform! UK from the United Kingdom and Instituto 25M Democracia, the political foundation of Podemos in Spain.