transform! at the Summer University of Front de Gauche

During the Summer University of the French Front de Gauche (24-25 August) transform! europe hosted a seminar entitled “What is new in social the balance of power in Europe?”

Speakers were Pierre Laurent, chairman of the Party of the European Left, Elisabeth Gauthier on behalf on Espaces Marx and transform! europe, and Fabienne Escalona, a young scholar and expert of the social democracy. The seminar was moderated by Louis Weber, Espaces Marx.

This frame provided the opportunity for a debate on the relation to the social democracy – an issue which in the run up of the forthcoming municipial elections is object of lively discussions within the Front de Gauche. 

One week later, on 31 August during the Summer University of the French Communist Party, Elisabeth Gauthier and Natasa Theodorakopoulou from SYRIZA facilitated a workshop under the title “The Challenge of Europeanizing the Struggle – From the European Social Forum to the Alter Summit”.

Both vents allowed as well to present and to advertise the two books recently published by Espaces Marx:

  1. E. Gauthier/M.-C. Vergiat/L. Weber, Changer d’Europe, éditions du Croquant, février 2013

  2. Jean-Numa Ducange/Ph. Marlière/L. Weber, La gauche radicale en Europe, éditions du Croquant, août 2013