Theses on the Struggle against Right-Wing Extremism in Europe

To learn better to understand the realities in the different European countries regarding the Right in its various forms and also to study systematically the political issues involved, the Alter Summit network hold this European seminar “Strategies for the Struggle Against the Far Right and Neo-Fascism in Europe” in Budapest on 3 April 2014.

The one day seminar was an important step forward in the Alter Summit process and was attended by more than 110 participants from Hungary, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Russia, Belgium, Turkey, UK, and Germany, including trade unionists from CGT, FSU, Solidaire and the Hungarian Teachers TU.
Find the final declaration entitled “Theses on the Struggle against Right-Wing Extremism in Europe” on the right at “Documentation” (pdf, 116 KB).
Select the language English, German or French. The theses will soon also be available in Hungarian, Polish and Greek.
For the programme of the seminar click here.