The Situation in Catalonia

Because of the call for next October 1st to carry out a referendum for independence in Catalonia and due to the repressive and authoritarian reaction of the Government of Spain, Izquierda Unida states:

1. In Catalonia a political conflict of historical nature exists, it requires a political solution that can only be resolved through negotiation and dialogue. In addition, among the available democratic mechanisms an agreed referendum should be incorporated that allows the Catalan society to decide on its future. 80% of Catalan society has expressed an interest in exercising the right to decide, and this cannot be ignored. 

2. The Government of Spain is not addressing this political problem with a democratic attitude. On the contrary, it is using repression and authoritarianism. The violation of fundamental rights committed by the Spanish Government is very serious and affects all the citizens of the State and not only a part of the Catalan population. The attitude of the Spanish Government is antidemocratic, irresponsible and reactionary.

3. The call made by the Government of the Generalitat for October 1st does not solve the problem either, given that it lacks sufficient democratic and political guarantees and also the process does not appeal to a considerable part of Catalan society. In addition, we note how the roadmap of the Catalonian Government has also revealed its lack of social content and democratic regeneration. Consequently, we cannot recognize the results of October 1st.

4. We support the implementation of the assembly of democratic parliamentarians throughout the State, which calls for a political solution and denounces the repression of the Government as a serious setback for freedom.

5. We defend that the best solution to the conflict is a negotiation that contemplates a constituent process to construct a model of federal State. This constituent horizon is necessary because our country is plurinational and because the Constitution of 1978 is exhausted as a consequence of the neoliberal offensive of the last years. We need a new model of coexistence that guarantees human rights, something impossible under the current framework. 

6. We understand that “October 1st”, given the circumstances, is currently a mobilization that can serve as a demand for the right to decide and as a protest against the irresponsible actions of the Government. In IU we have always been in the mobilizations in favour of the right to decide. Consequently, we believe it is necessary that each person decides to participate or not according to their personal criteria.

7. We will continue to work with EUiA on the solutions to this political conflict. From IU we consider that the call for an effective referendum, which facilitates the massive participation of Catalan society with the possibility to express the different options and that involves a serious and deep debate on the model of State, is the best solution for the exercise of the right to decide. Our proposal is a solidary federal republic. Therefore, being a federalist force we recognize the right of self-determination of the people, as for the Catalan people. We defend the realization of a referendum and commit ourselves to work to make it possible.