The Politics of the Right: SOCIALIST REGISTER 2016

Edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo.– Today the left faces new challenges from political forces amassing on the radical right. The 52nd volume of the Socialist Register presents a serious calibration and a careful political mapping of these forces. It addresses pivotal questions on the reordering of the new right.

These essays – very broad in terms of themes and places – speak to the global challenges the new right poses for the left at this historical moment. 

– What is the nature of the right’s populism, nationalism and militarism? 
– What is the social base and organizational strength and range of far right political forces? 
– To what extent are they influencing mainstream parties and opinion? 
– How have they penetrated state institutions?
– What role do state security services and police forces play?
– Does our political situation today require comparison with 1930s Fascism? 
– How should the left respond to defend democratic and human rights?


Liz Fekete:
Neoliberalism and popular racism: the shifting shape of the European right; Richard Seymour: Ukip and the crisis of Britain; Michael Löwy & Francis Sitel: The far right in France: the Front National in European perspective; Walter Baier: Europe at the crossroads: right populism and reactionary rebellion; Geoff Eley: Fascism then and now; G.M. Tamás: Ethnicism after nationalism: the roots of the new European right; Richard Saull: Capitalism and the politics of the far right; Alexander Buzgalin & Andre Kolgonov: Russia and Ukraine: oligarchic capitalism, conservative statism and right nationalism; Aijaz Ahmad: India: Liberal democracy and the extreme right; David Moore: An arc of authoritarianism in Africa: toward the end of a liberal democratic dream?; Alfredo Saad-Filho & Armando Boito: Brazil: the failure of the PT and the rise of the ‘new right’; Gavan McCormack: Chauvinist nationalism in Japan’s schizophrenic state; Avishai Ehrlich: Israel’s hegemonic right; Doug Henwood: The American right: from margins to mainstream; Bill Fletcher, Jr.: ‘Stars and Bars’: understanding right-wing populism in the USA; Stefan Kipfer & Parastou Saberi: The times and spaces of right populism: from Paris to Toronto; Lesley Wood: Policing with impunity; Reg Whitaker: The surveillance state; Andreas Karitzis: The dilemmas and potentials of the left: learning from Syriza.

ISBN. 978-0-85036-713-3
Paperback 400 pages
Published October 2015