The Opposition to Austerity and the Big Transatlantic Market Grows – the Repression As Well

Brussels. – Peaceful demonstrators against austerity and TTIP were subjected to a scandalous repression. Three of our witnesses even were among the 281 arrested during the protest against the European Business Summit on 15 May.

“A peaceful European demonstration has gathered more than 1,000 people from different countries in order to say no to the austerity policies which are destructive for the societies as well as no to the transatlantic treaty which consequences for the peoples will be very serious from a social, sanitary, ecological and democratic point of view.
While the Business Summit discusses our future in all opacity, the peaceful demonstrators are subjected to a scandalous repression.
Citizens, including a militant of transform! europe, parliamentarians, candidates for the European parliament, responsible representatives of trade unions and farmers have been arrested for one day. We are forced to witness again: austerity, TTIP go alongside each other in dismantling democracy. One week before the European election – again – liberties and citizenship are subjected to inacceptable attacks.

The Party of the European Left and transform! europe express their objection to the repression, their support to those who have been hit and will contribute to actions to come in order to say stop to austerity and to the TTIP.

Video of the demonstration and arrestation by Matyas Benyik, activist of attac Hungary

See also: Press release of Alter Summit and D19-20 Alliance: Brussels authorities help silence opposition to the ‘Great Transatlantic Market’ (TTIP): Trade unions denounce the police provocation See also: Report of the People’s Tribunal on EU economic governance and the Troika, which has taken place in Brussels from 15 to 16 May.

Picture gallery by Chantal Delmas