The Cause of SYRIZA Is Our Cause

The possible win of SYRIZA in the next Greek elections is a matter which should be at the centre of interest of social movements, trade unions and political forces in all European countries, since it can be the first step for a fundamental social and political change in our continent.

It is for this reason that we unconditionally defend the right of the Greek people and all other peoples in Europe to break with austerity and to choose democratically, and without any external pressure, their way to the future.
We fully support the SYRIZA Program for a Productive Reconstruction, which will cope with the urgent needs of the Greek people and replace the Memorandum, which will be cancelled as early as the new left government will be in power. 
This Program is based on:

  • The immediate confrontation with the humanitarian crisis
  • The termination of austerity
  • The restoration of Collective Agreements and of the cancellation of Labour legislation imposed by the Memoranda
  • The effort to re-invigorate the economy and increase employment
  • The imposition of a fair tax system
  • The democratic transformation of the political system

The implementation of such a plan requires a socially viable solution to the question of the debt, which is not only a Greek issue but one which concerns most countries in Europe, mainly those of the European South and Ireland. It is for this reason that a solution to this problem should be decided in a European Summit, as it happened in 1953 with the German debt.
More particular, the SYRIZA government proposals which will be put in the negotiations’ table will be the following:

  • The write-off of the greater part of the debt’s nominal value.
  • A “growth clause” attached to the paying off of the debt’s remainder, so as to be serviced by growth as opposed to budget surpluses.
  • A moratorium in the servicing of the debt, which will secure the necessary resources for servicing social needs and opening the way to economic and social transformation.
  • The exclusion of the programme for public investment from the restrictions provided by the Stability and Growth Pact.
  • An agreement for a “European New Deal”, via public investment for growth and ecological transformation.

We call on social movements, trade unions, political forces and all people of Europe, to seize the historic opportunity which will open with a SYRIZA win and build a common project of ending the neoliberal nightmare which still haunts Europe, of fencing off nationalism and right-wing populism and to pave the way towards a Europe of solidarity, democracy and cohesion.
A breach with the neoliberal policies in one EU country could create a powerful new dynamic in Europe if the political forces at play in other countries and at the European level, were to be inspired by this success and increase their influence in their own countries and, at the same time, build a shield of solidarity and protection for the country in which the Left comes to power.
The left government in Greece will extend a hand to Europe’s social movements, trade unions, to the Left and to all progressive forces who want Europe to change its course towards democracy, social equality and ecologic transformation.
It is the responsibility of all of us to create in each and every country the force and the dynamic strong enough to stop the march into disaster and to change the course of Europe.

managing board of transform!europe
26 November 2014