Strengthened Left will fight for alternatives to EU leaders’ dud politics

Following the constitution of the new GUE/NGL group for the next European Parliamentary term, President Gabi Zimmer expressed her delight at the nearly 50% increase in the size of the group to 52 MEPs.

“We are very happy to welcome our new members from Podemos (Spain), L’Altra Europa con Tsipras (Italy), the animal rights parties from the Netherlands and Germany, Bildu (Los Pueblos Deciden coalition, Spain), and Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, an independent member from Ireland. We are looking forward to working together with new left forces in order to give a strong voice within the European Parliament to the poor, the excluded, the unemployed, and the young, as well as to social movements and workers. With this inclusive and enlarged group, we will push for real alternatives at the European level in all policy areas, especially the urgent questions of ending austerity, fighting poverty and unemployment, countering the EU-US TTIP trade negotiations and moving to a sustainable economy. Millions of citizens have put their faith in us and we will not disappoint them”, Gabi Zimmer said.