Shut-down of “Rialto Rome”

Rialto Sant’Ambrogio is a social space, in an abandoned building, partially used by the municipality of Rome and partially occupied by diverse associations. On 16 February the municipality of Rome has given order to raid the occupied spaces.

We are expressing our solidarity with transform! italia and the other organisations affected by the shut-down of this space which was important not only for Italy, but for all European social movements. We appeal to the local authorities to set all necessary actions in motion so that the city and all of us may regain a physical and democratic space for everybody to participate in.
Rialto Sant’Ambrogio is a space which stands for a culture of critique and social and political commitment; it is an important meeting point. It is a venue where preservation and promotion of popular music from artists by the Gianni Bosio association are expressed. The national headquarters of Forum Acqua are located here, as well as one of the offices of the political foundation transform! italia. In recent years, this foundation has been working actively towards strengthening the European dimension in social movements.
It is a space visited by thousands of citizens in order to participate in the political and social life of this country. In the rooms of Rialto L’Altra Europa con Tsipras was born. Also political initiatives, such as the campaign for the referendum of the defence of public water and for the defence of the Italian Constitution were conceived here.
The Board of transform! europe