Russia/Ukraine – De-Escalation and Dialogue Are The Only Way Forward

The Left is calling on EU leaders to work to avoid further escalation and confrontation with Russia and pursue a policy of immediate reconciliation in order to avert war and guarantee security in Europe.

Russia and the US are engaging in irresponsible and risky strategies that could lead us to disaster. Both sides must desist from exacerbating the situation and EU leaders must redouble efforts to ensure a peaceful solution is reached.

For The Left, further NATO expansion must be ceased as it is increasing tensions. Russia must also guarantee peaceful coexistence with, and respect for, its neighbors.

A military confrontation would be an unimaginable humanitarian disaster and should be avoided at all costs. This is the time for both sides to engage in diplomacy, show international solidarity, and increase dialogue on all levels to solve the crisis.

Originally published at the website of the Left in the European Parliament