Publication of the EuroMemorandum 2015

We are pleased to inform you about the online publication of the new EuroMemorandum: “What future for the European Union – Stagnation and polarisation or new foundations?”. Almost 300 economists and social scientists from all over Europe and beyond have already expressed their support for the EuroMemorandum 2015.

The proposals of the EuroMemorandum this year are being formulated in an exceptionally difficult context, which represents the virtually complete triumph of ideas and political forces to which the EuroMemo Group is fundamentally opposed. The consolidation of the economic space at the EU level has not supported any corresponding development of social or democratic rights. Recent policies and court judgements have increasingly subordinated member state social models to the competition regime, opening up public services to predation from profit-seeking companies. At the macroeconomic level, austerity policies, imposed by the strong states throughout the euro area, but especially on the weaker states, have reduced millions of EU citizens to poverty and impaired even basic levels of social protection and employment rights in the crisis-struck countries. The EuroMemorandum 2015 critically analyses recent economic developments in Europe and emphasises the strong need for an alternative economic policy that is based on the principles of democratic participation, social justice and environmental sustainability.
The pdf-version of the EuroMemorandum 2015 can be downloaded here. The printed version of the EuroMemorandum 2015 as well as editions in several other languages will be available soon.

Ongoing call for support

Please note that we are still calling for support of the EuroMemorandum 2015. If you are in broad agreement with the main lines of argument of this year’s EuroMemorandum, please fill in the declaration of support on the right and send it back to
Almost 300 economists and social scientists from all over Europe and beyond have declared their support for the new EuroMemorandum (click here for the list of signatories).
We would like to thank all who support the new EuroMemorandum!
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The Working Group of European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe (EuroMemo Group)