Protecting Children Against Violence

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The topic of protecting children against violence is very actual all over the world. About the importance of this topic talks also a huge range of surveys, which verify that children have experiences with all types of violence. Therefore, transform! europe supported the Conference, aiming a multidisciplinary coordination of different entities.

On 27th September 2018 in the middle of the Slovak republic was organized a Conference Support of Multidisciplinary coordination of entities – protecting children against violence. The Conference was organized by Coordinators of protecting children against violence working in Ministry of labour, social affairs and family of the Slovak republic and National Coordination Centre for Resolving the Issues of Violence against Children.

The Conference was attended by almost 200 participants from Slovakia and Czech Republic. Lectures about topics of children protection were declaimed by experts from universities, self-governments and other branches. The main idea was to find out and point out to the ways of multidisciplinary coordination of entities. Literature interested in topic protecting children against violence, Historical overview to protecting children against violence and Social-economical context of family crisis were also the topics of lectures, which point to the multiplicity of mentioned topic.

The Conference was attended by Mgr. Mária Vargová director of National Coordination Centre for Resolving the Issues of Violence against Children, Ing. Viera Tomanová PhD. Agent for children, who also lectured an interesting commentary on the topic of protecting children against violence. They have work experiences with young ones, who met violence in different ways, in different parts of country, and also with different implications. Violence is found in schools, families, among young people in communities and has different forms like cyber-bullying, online sexual exploitation or physical/psychological violence, verbal abuse etc. Exploratory development work, which was realized in 2017 in Slovak Republic among students aged 12-13 years also reflects that the topic of violence is nowadays very actual among young people. Every 5th child has  met with violence. To identify the violence in time is the best way how to protect the victim. Teachers, doctors, social workers, but also ordinary people can make an important step to save him from risk. The topic of Multidisciplinary coordination was introduced by Mgr. Mariana Kováčová, PhD., who works with child and women /victims of violence/ more than 20 years. She explained that only the cooperation among entities can in time detect the victim of violence and protect him.

The 1st year of Conference met with very good feedback. Participants were satisfied with the program, services, and with the place. For opportunity to organize event like it was, we would like to say thank you to guests, experts, participants, and mainly to sponsors. Without their financial support and assistance it would be unable to meet and get professional information from those ones, who are referred to as the best ones in topic of protecting children against violence.