Proposals For a New Europe – Quistioni. 2nd edition

In this edition, the quarterly magazine of the Party of the European Left focuses on the future development of the EU and political strategies for the left in Europe.

Quistioni, referring to the way in which Antonio Gramsci indicated the matters, the problems, aims at creating a space for discussion between those who want to build an alternative to this neo-liberal world. The magazine is published in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

To read Quistioni, please click here (PDF, website of the Party of the European Left).

Table of Contents


Heinz Bierbaum (Berlin) – Europe and the Left

Paolo Ferrero (Turin) – Some analysis insights on the politics of the European ruling


Matyas Benyik (Budapest) – Prague Spring 2 Network against right wing extremism and

Paola Boffo
(Rome) – How the European Union is changing: some reflections

Vincent Boulet (Paris) – The future of Europe: no adjustments, but another European

Michael Brie (Berlin) – Don’t repeat the West’s Greatest Folly. Criticism of the Chinese
government may be justified, but warmed-over anti-communism will lead to a new Cold

Xavier Dupret (Brussels) – A plea for an alternative Ecb

Silvano Falocco (Rome) – The great battle of green finance

Mamdouh Habashi (Cairo) – The EU: where to?

Cornelia Hildebrandt  (Berlin/Vienna) and Marga Ferré (Madrid) – Left Proposals are not
enough, we need strategies to enforce them

Pierre Laurent (Paris) – Europe will not be the same as before, it is up to us to change it

Francisco Louçã
(Lisbon) – European rulers are the danger to Europe

Íñigo Martínez Zatón (Bilbao) – From a Europe of competitiveness to a Europe of

Dimitrios Papadimoulis (Athens) – Opportunities and challenges for a new Europe in the
era of the pandemic

Jeremy Smith (London) – The future of Europe – high time for democracy in the
economic sphere


Franco Russo (Rome) – EU: pandemic and innovation processes

European Left  – Conference on the Future of Europe – Considerations from the Left Perspective

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