Progressive Economy Initiative: Statement by Members of the Scientific Board

We welcome the decision of the Greek people to elect a new government committed to fundamental change in the policies of Greece and of Europe.

We note the common ground between the principles and programs of the SYRIZA movement in Greece and those of the Call for Change that we prepared for the European Parliament elections in May 2014. 
We recognize that this important political event comes at a moment when there is full recognition by the European Commission and the European Central Bank that new ideas and new policies are required to bring economic and political stability and inclusive growth to Europe.
We therefore call on all Europeans to welcome the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as a constructive partner in the search for a new direction for Europe and for Greece.
We call on the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the IMF and the governments of all European countries to provide financial support and fiscal space during the interval required for the new government of Greece to form and to present its proposals, and then to enter negotiations in good faith with the government of Greece on the policy changes required for that country.
We call on the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the IMF and the governments of all European countries to reject all threats and intimidation aimed at the new government of Greece, and to intervene as necessary to support the financial system of Greece and to quell speculative attacks on that country as negotiations proceed. 
Jean-Paul Fitoussi
James Galbraith
Ilene Grabel
Andras Inotai
Louka Katseli
Kate Pickett
Jill Rubery

The signers are members of the Scientific Board of the Progressive Economy Initiative, writing in their personal capacities.
January 26, 2015