Obituary for Martin Jespersen

Mid September Martin Jespersen, hard-working member of the board of the Transform!Danmark network, died after a long battle against cancer.

We are truly sad about this.
Many activists of the transform!europe network, who participated in the European Left and transform! Summer University in Porto in July last year, may remember him.
He wrote many of the transform! reports of the seminars, workshops and meetings of the Summer University. 
He was very dedicated and helpful – and believed that the European (pan European) cooperation of the radical Left should be upgraded, and he saw transform! as an important key to this. 
He was the co-writer of the report of the last international conference “Alternatives to Growth” of Transform!Danmark, held in Copenhagen in March this year. However, although he wished to, he was too weak to participate in this year’s Summer University.
Martin has been active on the Danish radical Left since his youth and is a very well-known and respected comrade among a broad section of Danish left-wing activists. He taught immigrants for a number of years and was active in promoting the rights of asylum-seekers. He was also a member of Enhedslisten/the Red-Green Alliance.
The Board of Transform!Danmark
24 September, 2014