¡No Pasarán! Declaration by the Party of the European Left, Die LINKE, and transform! europe

We stand together united, committed to create a different society where there is no space for fascism in any of its forms, and where war is rejected by the people: a society of equality, justice, and peace.

We recognize that the war in Ukraine has created a new and uniquely dangerous situation, altering the political balance in Europe, and accelerating its militarisation, which will have a profoundly negative impact on our societies. The far right will further develop in this new context, feeding off nationalism, generated by warmongers on all sides, and glorifying militarism, exploiting the refugee crisis, as well as stoking racism and xenophobia.

We recognise that humanity continues to face multiple crises – the pandemic, climate catastrophe, economic chaos, and impoverishment for the many; all caused by the policies and actions of the ruling elites. The far right has seized the opportunity to make major political gains as a result. It has weaponised the pandemic for its own political interests, has exploited the economic crisis to build its social and political base, and utilised fake news and anti-science conspiracy theories to deny climate change. Whether in government office or armed in paramilitary gangs on the streets, the far right attacks the rights and liberties of us all, our diverse communities and our democracy. At this conference we have shared our analysis, we understand these developments and what is required to defeat them.

This conference took place at a turning point for our societies, and we state that we reject the brutality, the hatred, and the oppression which this war fever, generating by our leaders, is causing. We reject the untold damage it will cause the working class and our diverse communities, particularly through the strengthening of the far right enabled by the culture of war. We are united in our determination to challenge both the far right and the war mongers and to defeat them. We will fight back with all our strength, building the movements, uniting across borders, defending, and strengthening trade unions, together in action for international solidarity, with migrants, with women, with LGBTQ communities, with disabled people and all those under attack. And in this time of war, we will work with the peace movements to end this war and end the militarism which blights and distorts our societies.

Our parties and movements have strong traditions against fascism and war. We find strength in that, and we will also build upon and extend the hard-won victories of today, in Latin America and elsewhere, where the people mobilise for a different vision of society and defeat the hate and fear. We commit to building that alternative together.

Originally published on the website of the Party of The European Left.