New Advance of SYRIZA – A Hope for the European Left

If the forces of the coalition in power sustain their position in the regions, the results of the first round of the local elections in Greece mark an important progress of SYRIZA on the whole national territory.

SYRIZA will be in the second round in five regions and the list of our friend Rena Dourou is leading the polls in the most populous region of the country, Attica. In Athens, the candidate of SYRIZA closes in on the outgoing mayor and engages in the battle of the second round with confidence.
The Party of the European Left welcomes this significant advance of SYRIZA. This is a first step towards a good local presence which will be crucial to defend populations from austerity and strengthen local solidarity. It is also a good sign for the political milestone of the next weekend.
Everything indicates that SYRIZA can win the European elections upcoming Sunday. It is a great encouragement for all lists which in Europe are gathered behind the candidacy of Alexis Tsipras for the presidency of the European Commission. We will undoubtedly be the good surprise of 25 May.
Party of the European Left
19 May 2014