“Nasze Argumenty” – Latest Issue of New Left Magazine Out Now

transform! europe supports Our Arguments, the new magazine of the Polish Forward Foundation.

In 2019, the Forward Foundation began publishing its quarterly Nasze Argumenty    "Our Arguments". The creation of the magazine grew out of the belief that on the Polish publishing market and mainstream mass media the leftist voice associated with the Party of European Left and the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament is missing.

Our Arguments is a thematic magazine in which various areas of political activity are discussed. In the three issues so far, columnists from Poland and other parts of Europe and the world have had the opportunity to share their opinions on the position of the left against threats of right-wing extremism (first issue of the magazine), environmental issues (second edition) and historical issues (third edition of the magazine, the first this year). The Nasze Argumenty team is working on subsequent editions of the magazine, which will address political and economic challenges in the era of the coronavirus, feminist Marxism and the attitude of the Left towards religion/the Church.

A paper version of the magazine is sent to associations and parties of the left, trade unions and parliamentarians and MEPs. The magazine is available free of charge (PDF file) on the Foundation’s website.