Middle East at Historical Crossroads

The Symposium Middle East at Historical Crossroads (MEHC) inviting politicians, activists and artists from Israel, Palestine and Europe in an effort to dialogue and explore major topics, which are relevant for peace, justice and the self-determination of the Palestinian people in the region – through the lens of arts and everyday politics.

This year’s Symposium, conveyed for the 4th time in Vienna in February, has once again reaffrimed the conviction that the relationship between art and politics is essential for this dialogue and for advancing the cause of emancipation and liberation and unonimously supports the following statement: 

We, the participants of the 4th Edition of the Israeli Palestinian Dialogue in Vienna, are unanimous in repudiating the recently announced Trump Plan for the Middle East, revealingly labelled as the "Deal of the Century". We state that the two peoples whose future is fatefully intermingled are no trading goods and must not be dealt as such.

Thus, this "deal" aims at imposing impossible conditions on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, thereby blocking the "two states for two peoples" solution, which still is the preferred chance of achieving a viable solution of the conflict.

This "deal" discriminates towards the Palestinian people, polarizes and divides Israeli citizens by proposing to impose a transfer on hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens of Arab descent.

The plan perpetuates the corrupting and evil influence of annexation and Israel’s rule over another people, upon the Israeli society.

We welcome that the European Union condemns the recent plans of the Netanjahu government to build thousands of new units in the occupied area near Jerusalem.

We, the participants of the Vienna Dialogue forming a diverse group of women and men, Palestinians, Israelis, Muslims, Jews, Christians and Nonbelievers feel united with all forces who seek an agreed peaceful solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Criticising the government of Israel for its negation of the rights of the Palestinian people must not be defamed as anti-Semitic.