Meeting of the WSF International Council in Casablanca

The WSF International Council held its meeting in Casablanca from 16 to 18 December 2013, with 122 participants, 47 members of the IC and 75 observers from 23 countries. Below you find a brief formulation of decisions taken at the final meeting, about the location of the next WSF events.

This text was written after having consulted the members of IC who facilitated the work at this meeting, as well as delegations of countries involved in these decisions: 
1. We begin a new process of cooperation and solidarity between the South and the North and between the old and new generations of social actors.
This process will be built through a common and integrated work between the preparatory processes of different WSF events.
In 2015 we decided to hold the WSF in Tunisia in March.
In 2016 we received positively and accepted the commitment of the Collective from Quebec to work for the organization of a WSF event in August in Montreal.
We will continue discussions with Asian movements around the possibility, in accordance with their situation and their will, to join this process (including the possibility of a WSF 2016 formula with a bi-centered location one in Quebec and one in Asia).
2. CI notes with satisfaction the holding of 33 regional, national and thematic events on all continents in 2014. It particularly stresses the importance of the Social Forum process in Maghreb in 2014 and the Social Forum of Peoples (Ottawa, August 2014) as important steps towards the World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2015 and the World Social Forum in Montreal in August 2016.