#Luxleaks: Ending Tax Evasion in Europe is an Emergency

An investigation of the international press has unveiled the secret agreements concluded between Luxembourg and 340 multinationals, when Jean-Claude Juncker was Prime Minister. These “rulings” contain a sophisticated mechanical tax optimization enabling big firms to benefit from tax rate up to twenty times lower than the norm.

The shortfall in revenue of states reaches hundreds of billions of Euros while Jean-Claude Juncker, who now chairs the European Commission, oversees the budgets of member states and imposes austerity on European peoples. Since this system is legal, rules must change and we must end the logic that allows Apple, Amazon, Heinz, Pepsi, Ikea, and Deutsche Bank, to pay less taxes than the average citizen.
The Party of the European Left requires transparency on the taxation of multinationals in Europe. The EU must put an end to fiscal dumping enshrined in its treaties, notably that of Maastricht. It is obvious that our countries and Europe must develop measures against tax evasion and fraud.
I support the initiative of MEPs from the GUE-NGL who want to propose a motion of censure against the Commission in the European Parliament, and the demand of Dei Lenk MPs to the Chamber of Deputies for an extraordinary meeting of the Parliament of Luxembourg.