KSČM Solidarisies with Communist Party of Ukraine

Statement of the Executive Committee of KSČM’s Central Committee on Solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine and the Ukrainian anti-fascists, as approved on its 26th meeting on Friday, 1 August 2014:

During recent days, another defeat of real democracy has occurred. In a contravention of the Article 26 of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights about the citizens’ equality in the face of the law, and the ban of discrimination for political or different beliefs, the Communist Party of Ukraine’s parliamentary faction has been excluded from the Ukraine’s parliament. In the same time, a campaign against the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) was launched, aiming to ban it, despite the CPU being legitimately represented in the Ukrainian Parliament.
The political regime unfortunately coming into power after a bloody political coup on Maidan, started a sharp political confrontation in the country, entering so directly into the war against its own citizens. In this war, every international principle of human rights’ protection has been roughly and flagrantly violated as well as every standard of the modern international law within the UN system. The Communist Party of Ukraine got into the sharp conflict with fascist parties like the Svoboda or the Udar, as well as the fascist organizations like the Right Sector. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia (KSCM) states regretfully, that they have been both the EU and the NATO, who have given the legitimacy to the activities of these structures in the inconceivable way.
According to extreme right-wing nationalist forces, which have got into their control the Ukraine’s parliament, the main offence which the CPU committed was the fact of the CPU being the only political force in the country to stand firmly against the “fascization” of Ukraine. It spoke out in favour of peace to be renewed across the country, for the withdrawal of the so-called “National Guard” from the eastern parts of the country and for the end of punishing operations of Ukrainian troops against Ukrainian citizens of both the Ukrainian and the Russian nationalities. It also opposed to the intended sell-off of Ukrainian both enterprises and resources to transnational concerns.
By banning of CPU, the current Ukrainian fascist power wants to complete its historical revenge for the defeat of Ukrainian fascists led by Stepan Bandera being defeated by the Red Army troops in 1945.
The KSCM, in token of solidarity with the CPU, addresses the EP’s GUE/NGL Group with a request the EP to intervene against the illegitimate persecution of the CPU. In the same time, the KSCM provides an urgent legal help for the CPU’s legal defence during the trial.
The Ukrainian tragedy shows us clearly that the globalized capitalist system finds itself once again on its final crossroad. And so, just like 80 years ago, there are the communists the first to be sacrified on the altar of neo-fascism.
We call upon all the democratic and progressive forces in our society to express their solidarity with the CPU in its existential struggle against the fascist evil.