Integration – Disintegration – Nationalismus

“transform! yearbook 2018” now published in German

"transform! yearbook 2018" is being published just under a year prior to the elections to the European Parliament, which are also a major challenge for the European Left, both in terms of political agenda and organisation. Despite moderate economic growth in Europe, the process of European integration is still in a state of political crisis. transform! 2018 offers a critical analysis and assessment of this process of integration.

Two points lie at the heart of this review: firstly, the controversy among left-wing groups with regard to the way out of the European crisis mode; and, secondly, the confrontation with right-wing populism (Trump, Brexit etc.), which threatens to destroy democratic capitalism, and not just in Europe.

The yearbook is available in German, English, French and Greek.

The German yearbook can be ordered here.