Hungary’s largest independent newspaper shut down

On 8 October 2016 with the assistance of an Austrian media magnate the Hungarian government by putsch-like action shut the publication of “Népszabadság”, one of the most-widely circulated daily opposition newspaper.

After a long hate campaign, the ruling parties have been frightened by the invalid quota-referendum, the strengthening of the voice of government-critical organisations and  the social echo of the growing corruption scandals. They are trying to compensate their declining political influence by restricting the democratic rights.
After the shut down of Népszabadság further restrictions of the freedom of speech are expected by legal procedures against the opposition and civil society organisations and the hindrance of the work of the press.
The majority of Hungarian voters has not supported Viktor Orban’s anti-refugee hate campaign and the idea of solidarity could finally have been saved. The proponents of freedom and democratic republic, however, can only be effective if they are free to express their opinion and can make the jusctice public to the society.
The Party of the European Left condemns the Hungarian government’s anti-democratic and anti-social policy and demands from the European Parliament the set-up of a commission of inquiry. To stop fascism in Europe is only possible by defending the democratic and social rights.
Translated by: Matyas Benyik