Good Bye, Julio.

The Collegiate Commission of Izquierda Unida (IU, United Left) remembers Julio Anguita, the former General Coordinator of IU, who passed away on 16 May.

Today, the 16th of May, an outstanding mentor for the Spanish left has passed away. A coherent and honest person. A master, a fighter. A companion, a comrade.

Julio Anguita was General Coordinator of Izquierda Unida between 1989 and 2000
and Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Spain. Moreover, he was Córdoba’s Mayor and a Member of the Andalusian and the Spanish Parliaments.

As founder of Izquierda Unida, he was a strong advocate of the unity of the radical left by developing programme agreements aimed to improve working class’ living conditions. With the highest determination and authority, he criticised the elite and political corruption that would end up undermining our country’s democracy and sovereignty.

He severely suffered the merciless attacks of the establishment. His health weakened to the extent of suffering several heart attacks that forced him to stay away from the political frontline. He turned back to his profession as a teacher disdainfully renouncing any possible political privilege.

He showed us that one can fight power and remain ethically stainless. His coherence and integrity comprise an exemplary life that has become an invaluable political capital, not only for the present, but also for the future.

His speeches and writings will hold a privileged place in the heritage of the Spanish left due to his perspicacity and foresight pedagogical capacity – from his criticism of the Maastricht Treaty to his support to the ‘Indignados’ movement. His ‘great antisystem talk’ with Jose Saramago, or the Spanish Communist Party speech in 1996 – pointing out the breaking of the constitutional pact by the elites – will remain as some of the most studied political speeches in the history of our country.

Today, the 16th of May, a political giant leaves us. A defender of the working class and its necessary unity. An incorruptible man, living in a corrupt system, who turned principles into one of the most powerful weapons.
Companion, comrade Julio – we keep on fighting.

Collegiate Commission of Izquierda Unida