Freedom Not Frontex

The “March for Freedom” marched for one month against the EU’s migration and border regime from Strasbourg to Brussels, where 400 activists have met in an Action Camp. There are protests in many countries, the refugee movement is transnational.

The signatories to the Schengen Agreement of 1985 and 1990 boast to have reduced border controls at their common borders. However, the freedom of movement does not apply to all people in the EU. In order to protest openly against this, refugees, Sans-Papiers, migrants and other activists from EU-member and neighboring states marched about 500 km from Strasbourg to Brussels from May 20 until 20 June 2014. Their protest march crossed the state borders between France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium successfully in one action of collective civil disobedience.
The March demands the abolition of deportations to the countries of origin and within the EU, according to the Dublin regulations, the abolition of border controls and of the FRONTEX agency, to put an end to the imprisonment of migrants by the EU, freedom of movement and residence, the right to study and to work, the same socio-cultural and political rights as citizens, the stop of colonial NATO wars, and of the economical exploitation of migrants.

Links  Freedom not Frontex Please find here the appeal (in French) of the Belgian section of the Refugee movement, which transform! is supporting.
transform! also supports the “Lampedusa in Hamburg” manifesto “A Future Here!
For information on ongoing protest in Berlin against the eviction of a refugee camp in a former school click here.