Final Declaration European Forum Bilbao

Attached you will find the Final Declaration of the European Forum of Progressive, Ecological and Leftist Forces in Bilbao which was held from 9-11 November 2018. 

Representatives were:

David Adler (DIEM 25, Greece), Alberto Garzón (Coordinator of Izquierda Unida, Spain), Gregor Gysi (President of the Party of the European Left), Benoît Hamon (founder of Génération.s, France), Pierre Laurent (Vice-President of the Party of the European Left, France), Aurélie Maréchal (Green European Foundation), Ernest Urtasun (MEP Greens/EFA, Spain), Julie Ward (MEP, Labour Party, United Kingdom) Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou (Minister of the Administrative Reconstruction, Greece), Gabi Zimmer (MEP, President of the GUE/NGL, Germany).

Today the Forum approved the Final Declaration in which they call for:

In order for Europe to have a different future, the challenge is to combine respect for popular sovereignty, cooperation between peoples and nations and to pool resources to achieve shared social and environmental objectives. Our goal is to fight for a Europe that is a fully cooperative, solidary, equal and socially advanced democracy. We call for empowering popular sovereignty by launching a new charter for sovereign democracy in Europe.