FEC launches Scientific Council and debate groups for Social Transformation

In a social and political crisis situation as Spanish state is living today, the necessity of alternative proposals that determine the course towards a social exit of the current crisis and a deep transformation of the system, are more urgent than ever.

The seriousness of the situation in which the social majorities are living, cannot be confronted with simple proposals that tend to a regeneration of the system, on the contrary, it is the moment in which the radical left needs to provide itself with a battery of proposals with a solid theoretical base to show that another alternative is possible. This generation of alternatives is the task for which Europe of Citizens Foundation (FEC) has created a Scientific Council, in a Left Think Tank way, to serve as an intellectual tool to fight in the political battle from reliable ideas and proposals.

With this objective in mind, more than sixty teachers, researchers and academics in general, as well as professionals and experts, have decided to step forward and be involved in the Think Tank activities that were presented last 20 April in Madrid. All the persons that integrate this Scientific Council have three characteristics in common: they share university life and, therefore, a dedication to a theoretical production; they focus their production from a critical point of view and keep an affiliation in different fields of the political and social left. Putting them together in this Council, FEC takes a decision of encouraging the critical work of these academics creating synergies and networks among them, organizing debate groups and elaborating different key aspects of our social and political problems such as constituent process, job guaranteed, public debt, bank nationalization, new energetic model, etc.

In this way, FEC faces a new phase that it will be influenced by a very important electoral cycle in Spain and in Europe, with the objective of increasing its presence in European and national research projects, especially in collaboration with transform! europe. We also have the will of being a meeting place for ideas that will be published and spread through different publication lines that FEC is developing in order to be useful for a subsequent debates in the social and political movements in the framework of the alternative left.

In conclusion, from FEC we aspire to encourage debate and a proposal from the Universities to organizations, movements, squares and vice versa, walking with scientific rigor and the freshness of the new feminist, ecological dynamics where first collectivity and production come in common. In the words of Alberto Garzón, Izquierda Unida candidate for president of the Government who support this proposal, what is this about is winning the battle of ideas, running away from intellectual mediocrity and form the spectacleralization in which the political debate is falling, and demonstrate that a real and effective alternative exists to confront neoliberal policies. In the Spanish state we are not only disputing an election, we are putting at risk the future of next generations and all efforts are needed for this battle.