DiEM25 in Rome with Yanis Varoufakis

Last 23 March, European Alternatives and DiEM25 organised “Democracy in Europe”, a large-scale event that brought together in Rome hundreds of Europeans claiming a different path for the current model of Europe.

The day began with a series of preparatory assemblies open to everyone to engage local movements, NGOs and activists who discussed about democracy, work, migration, transparency, finance, and environment.
After an intense morning of debate and discussions, at 7pm Democracy in Europe continued with the opening of an outstanding evening event with Marisa Matias, Yanis Varoufakis, Srećko Horvat, Saskia Sassen, Julian Assange, Luciana Castellina, Jorge Moruno, Marica di Pierri, Valentina Orazzini, Igiaba Scego, and a fantastic orchestra that brightened up the interventions. All the speakers joined the discussions that started during the morning assemblies and rotated around a set of thematic clusters that DiEM25 and European Alternatives consider fundamental to start drafting the roadmap for achieving democracy, justice and transparency in the European Union.
The event, featuring a theatrical choreography devised by film director Berardo Carboni, was live on television and streamed in both English and Italian by Talk Real, the new media platform of European Alternatives. You can watch now the full event in English or Italian in the channel and subscribe not to miss coming episodes!
European Alternatives shares with DiEM25 the strong belief that democracy in Europe will be reinvented by a radical change in the institutions and in collective political practices. As Europeans we are too often told that we must choose between reverting to the nation state or maintaining the crisis status quo. We reject this dichotomy because we know that alternative paths exist. We believe that democracy in Europe will be created from the bottom-up, by throwing open the doors to the population of the continent to reason, dialogue and act together on their common good. The process is ongoing, you can start contributing in the process of changing Europe by joining DiEM25 and European Alternatives.