Crisis Cannot be Solved without Sound Social Basis

The European Union will not get itself out of the crisis as long as it continues to ignore the real needs of its citizens, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has warned.

As EU leaders prepare to gather in Brussels for their end of year summit, they continue to undermine the European project by prolonging the financial and social crisis and alienating millions of people across the union.
Speaking ahead of the summit on 18 December, ETUC Secretary General, Bernadette Ségol, announced that a European trade union demonstration will take place in Brussels on 4 April 2014, as the European Parliament prepares to elect new members.
Recently, the ETUC launched its campaign, A New path for Europe, outlining a bold new investment plan for the EU, based on a sustainable industrial policy and quality jobs.
In addition, it also set-out its manifesto for the European Parliament elections, which urges candidates uphold the social dimension of the EU, and reject any attempts to continue polices that diminish wages and working conditions.
“We in the trade union movement do not believe that the crisis is over,” said Bernadette Ségol. "What we have to ask is, who is out of trouble? The financial system or the people?”
“Europe is extremely weak on its social dimension. Citizens do not agree with the kind of path the EU is going down. Such a Europe will be not be regarded kindly by its citizens, if it doesn’t change course.”
“Political leaders have to show they will protect workers; it is not just about freedom of the market, but also about social protection. That is why we are having this campaign.” ETUC, 18 December 2013 A new path for Europe: ETUC plan for investment, sustainable growth and quality jobs 

ETUC Manifesto on the European Parliament Elections