Congratulations Compañero Lula

The Party of the European Left congratulates former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in light of the Supreme Courts ruling to overturn all the charges related to the Lava Jato Curitiba trial – paving the way to callenge Bolsonaro.

Judge Edson Fachin has declared that the Parana federal justice system has no jurisdiction in the cases of the Guarujá “triplex”, the Atibaia site and the Lula Institute, while the accusations about the partiality of former judge Sergio Moro, that now is in the pay of a US company in charge of privatizations in Brazil, are multiplying.

The prosecution frame-up against Lula falls, and the charges that prevented him from running in the 2018 elections are also dismissed, after the habeas corpus appeals presented by the former President. Today Lula is once again eligible.

From the legal point of view, the 13th Court of Curitiba did not have jurisdiction as a “natural judge”. However, the lawsuits will be re-examined by the Federal Court, which will have to decide whether the procedural acts can be validated or not.

It is a victory for all those who have mobilized in recent years against this farce, part of a strategy of judicial coups, which aimed to remove from the political scene one of the best and most popular presidents in the history of Brazil.

Congratulations to Lula and to the people of Brazil!

Originally published at the website of the European Left