Common Statement For The European Elections

Being friends and comrades since the late 90s, we share similar views regarding the social transformation of our countries and the Refoundation of Europe through the common action of left parties, trade unions and social movements.

We have actively participated together in the Euromarches, the antiglobalization movement, the World and the European Social Forum, Florence 10+10 and the Alter Summit. As candidates in the forthcoming elections for the European Parliament, we call upon all progressive European people to vote those lists in Greece, Italy and all EU Countries, which support the candidacy of Alexis Tsipras for the presidency of the European Commission.
Fabio Amato, Raffaella Bollini, Luca Casarini, Tommaso Fattori – candidates in the Italian list UN’ ALTRA EUROPA CON TSIPRAS and Yiannis Bournous, Haris Golemis, Natassa Theodorakopoulou – candidates in the Greek list SYRIZA