Combatting the Climate Change – Quistioni, 3rd edition

In this edition, the quarterly magazine of the Party of the European Left focuses on different left concepts to combat the climate crisis – and whats causing it.

The magazine is titled Quistioni (referring to the way in which Antonio Gramsci indicated the matters, the problems), because in each monographic issue of the magazine we want to tackle a problem and contribute, in this way, to the building of a common alternative project at European level.

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Table of Contents


Heinz Bierbaum – Combatting the climate change – left concepts

Paolo Ferrero – Climate change and us


Didem Aydurmuş – The Quest for Sustainability – and the Need for a Stron United Left

Leonardo Boff – Do we have enough time and wisdom to avoid ecological catastrophe?

Hervé Bramy – COP-26 in Glasgow. Getting out of capitalism to save the climate

Rena Dorou – Our fight of the century

Felicity Dowling – Mobilising for Ecosocialism

Gauche Républicaine et Socialiste – The answer to the climate crisis lies in collective responsibility

Alain Pagano – From the awereness of the ecological crisis, proceed to transformative solutions!

Vijay Prashad – I Awekened Here When the Earth Was New

Filippo Savio – The young men and women of Fridays For Future Italy speak out on the climate crisis

Eva García Sempere – Who´s afraid of degrowth?


A "Red-Green Manifesto" for Hungary

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