Change Greece – Change Europe

transform! europe and tansform! italy are promoting a network of European solidarity in support of the possibility that the next elections in Greece will be an expression of a desire for change and rupture of austerity policies. Find here the appeal and signatures by Italian intellectuals, politicians, unionists and artists.

In the recent years Greece has made a guinea pig of an experiment aimed to cancel the welfare state and democratic rights in Europe.
The "rescue" package of the memorandum have exclusively saved German and European banks while it created the conditions for the rise of mass unemployment casting more people into poverty. 
The results of the Troika’s policies unveiled all the lies used to impose austerity in Europe. The country is wrecked, there is a real humanitarian emergency and people are struggling for survival, meanwhile the sovereign debt is strongly increasing instead of decreasing. 
In Greece the victims of austerity rose up to the Troika’s dictates. Workers, more and more loosing rights, unemployed, students, professionals, pensioners and housewives have joined their forces giving rise to an amazing, peaceful, democratic people’s resistance which is an example for all of Europe.
This great popular pressure has been gathered by Syriza, the unitary left­wing party. Today this party is first in all the electoral polls and if there will be a call to vote, due to the failure of the wide coalition parties, as it seems possible, Syriza will proceed with the creation of a new government.
Alexis Tsipras has a clear plan: "stay in Europe to change Europe". His government will call for a European conference to restructure the debt which affects most of the European countries; austerity policies will be required to end as the result of the abrogation of the fiscal compact; it will demand a common European plan for labor and environmental protection.
Those are certainly not the anti­euro and anti­european policies that the main European media have been talking about in an attempt to legitimize the true assaults of the markets. They tried to spread fear among Europeans to influence and confuse voters in Greece with the intention to  associate the Left proposals to the ones xenophobic and racist of the neo­fascists.
Erasing the policies imposed by Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin, Tsipras commited himself to take immediate and substantial measures to improve immediately the social conditions of the citizens, restoring the minimum wages to pre­crisis levels and re­establishing collective agreements. The change of government in Greece could be the beginning of rebuilding Europe on the values of rights, democracy and solidarity. The victory of Syriza and the government of Tsipras in Greece will prove that citizens can defeat the neoliberal policies and the right-wing parties that increasingly poison in our continent. 

Moreover, if the vote is connected to the struggles for rights, popular participation and a new European dimension for social coalitions, it will be able to become the present evidence that austerity is absolutely not necessary.

 Regarding the campaign of disinformation and the attacks of the financial markets, our commitment is to make people aware to the real programme of Syriza and support its initiatives.

Thanks to the mainstream media’s complicity, the stock exchange, the finance and the Troika are already trying to heavily influence the Greek vote with all their power. Therefore, we ask to those who love democracy, social cohesion and justice to support the Greek people’s right to choose freely their future.

 It is our own responsibility to stop Europe’s march toward disaster, changing its direction. Otherwise, Europe is clearly going to implode under the present policies. It is our duty to sustain those who want to rebuild Europe together with its citizens.

Maurizio Acerbo, Vittorio Agnoletto, Giorgio Airaudo, Piergiovanni Alleva, Gaetano Azzariti, Etienne Balibar, Fulvia Bandoli, Andrea Baranes, Riccardo Bellofiore, Marco Berlinguer, Marco Bersani, Fausto Bertinotti, Piero Bevilacqua, Fabrizio Bocchino, Raffaella Bolini, Aldo Bonomi, Sergio Brenna, Alberto Burgio, Enrico Calamai, Andrea Camilleri, Francesco Campanella, Aldo Carra, Luca Casarini, Luciana Castellina, Paolo Cento, Francesca Chiavacci, Domenico Megu Chionetti, Paolo Ciofi, Pippo Civati, Virgilio Dastoli, Giuseppe De Marzo, Michele De Palma, Loredana De Petris, Tommaso Di Francesco, Nicoletta Dosio, Fausto Durante, Anna Falcone, Antonello Falomi, Roberta Fantozzi, Stefano Fassina, Tommaso Fattori, Thomas Fazi, Luigi Ferrajoli, Gianni Ferrara, Paolo Ferrero, Goffredo Fofi, Eleonora Forenza, Nicola Fratoianni, Mauro Gallegati, Luciano Gallino, Francesco Garibaldo, Alfonso Gianni, Paul Ginsborg, Claudio Gnesutta, Alfiero Grandi, Claudio Grassi, Enrico Grazzini, Fabio Grossi, Leo Gullotta, Antonio Ingroia, Francesca Koch, Raniero La Valle, Guido Liguori, Loredana Lipperini, Curzio Maltese, Fiorella Mannoia, Laura Marchetti, Giulio Marcon, Lorenzo Marsili, Stefano Maruca, Citto Maselli, Ugo Mattei, Giovanni Mazzetti, Sandro Medici, Corradino Mineo, Filippo Miraglia, Tomaso Montanari, Elena Monticelli, Roberto Morea, Roberto Musacchio, Grazia Naletto, Olga Nassis, Maso Notarianni, Corrado Oddi, Moni Ovadia, Argiris Panagopoulos, Luigi Pandolfi, Bruno Papignani, Giorgio Parisi, Valentino Parlato, Valeria Parrella, Gianpaolo Patta, Livio Pepino, Tonino Perna, Riccardo Petrella, Paolo Pietrangeli, Paolo Pini, Nicoletta Pirotta, Felice Roberto Pizzuti, Adriano Prosperi, Alessandra Quarta, Christian Raimo, Norma Rangeri, Ermanno Rea, Marco Revelli, Claudio Riccio, Rosa Rinaldi, Gianni Rinaldini, Annamaria Rivera, Mimmo Rizzuti, Giulia Rodano, Stefano Rodotà, Umberto Romagnoli, Roberto Romano, Franco Russo, Mario Sai, Bia Sarasini, Arturo Scotto, Peppe Servillo, Toni Servillo, Giuliana Sgrena, Assunta Signorelli, Anna Simone, Barbara Spinelli, Sergio Staino, Gino Strada, Marina Terragni, Massimo Torelli, Lanfranco Turci, Nicola Vallinoto, Nichi Vendola, Guido Viale, Vincenzo Vita, Lorenzo Zamponi, Filippo Zolesi, Alberto Zoratti.
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