Centre for the Politics of Emancipation

In autumn 2018, transform! europe could welcome the Centre for the Politics of Emancipation (CPE) as new observer organization. Read about the CPE presenting itself.

The CPE was established in Belgrade in 2011 with the overall aim to continually provide framework for the analyses and critical perspectives of the current socio-economic conditions and political situation, both in local and global context. Our aim is to raise the social awareness of the causes of negative social, economic and political conditions which we locate in the capitalist system of social reproduction. Politics of emancipation include all those concepts and practices that take equality and solidarity as basic principles in building equitable social life. Therefore, we believe that, if we want to build a society that will focus on meeting the needs of people and enable the full development of the potential of all individuals, democratic socialism should fundamentally be the direction of development.

Political education and research work are the primary fields in which the CPE operates. Key activities being undertaken by the CPE to confront the prevailing neoliberal ideology including different types of researches, educational frameworks and public activities such as: organizing of the conferences, summer schools, seminars, public discussions, workshops, reading groups etc. We have published several publications and whole series of translated books and papers that we find important for rethinking society today as well as the direction in which we want it to develop. All our activities are aimed at enabling a permanent flow of progressive ideas, theoretical concepts, and practices between like-minded individuals, groups, initiatives, organizations and movements on local, regional and international level. Besides the exchange of knowledge/experience, one of the main goals of the abovementioned CPE’s activities is also to establish a joint platform for the mobilization of potential collaboration between its target groups.

From 2017, CPE is a member organization of the Clean Clothes Campaign initiative, a global network focusing on the working conditions and empowerment of workers in the textile and clothing industry.

The Centre for the Politics of Emancipation is composed of the following individuals:

Darko Vesić, darko@cpe.org.rs

Bojana Tamindžija, bojana@cpe.org.rs

Miloš Baković Jadžić, milos@cpe.org.rs

Tanja Vukša, tanja@cpe.org.rs

Vladimir Simović, vladimir@cpe.org.rs